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Dear Reader,

We are accustomed to always confronting advertisements. Reading news is no different. The revenue model of most blogs, newspapers, and media in general is contingent on creating news that sparks interest and drives traffic. Without traffic there is no ad revenue. Without ad revenue there is no incentive to create news - perhaps purpose still exists, but that depends on what you read and where you read it.

To break this cycle, we designed EquiPress with a key objective of allowing the news itself to create value. More importantly, we care about hearing the opinions and breaking developments directly from the source - which are companies, both for-profit and non-profit.

Rather than placing the power of spin and priority reporting into third party hands, we are providing the platform for companies to have a voice - companies both large and small. We are creating an environment that promotes criticism and honest conversations, rather than one that is focused on traffic and ad revenue.


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