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About EquiPress

EquiPress is a communications platform designed for publicly traded companies to conduct investor relations and networking in real-time with stakeholders (financiers, investors, media) in an effort to increase accountability, disclosure, and exposure.

The EquiPress social network compliments existing investor outreach and news dissemination practices by making it easier for investors to find your company, rather than having you search for investors. This new approach results in a cost effective solution at only a fraction of the cost and time you spend today.



This is our first post. We hope you find our platform valuable for your corporate communication needs.

If you have any questions sign in to post on our wall or email us at support@equipress.com.
Adam Garcia
Look forward to discovering new investment ideas through this site!
06/13/2014 12:08 PM EST

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Sector News

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    This is our first post. We hope you find our platf...

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