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2 Terms and
3 Payment Completion TimeApproximately 10 minutes

Description of service

Your company will be able to publicly engage with existing and interested investors by displaying real-time communications through posting of news on your customized official corporate page.

News will subsequently be distributed throughout our website and any third party sites.

What you’ll need

  1. Company Information - Name, Address, Phone, Website URL, Corporate Email
  2. Representative (Your) Information - Name, Organization, Phone, Email
  3. Payment - Credit Card
  4. Access to Corporate Email - To confirm your EquiPress account you will need to verify the submitted corporate email of the company you are registering through our one-step email verification process.

Payment terms

You will be billed $495 per month to your credit card. Payments start on the 2nd month.

We hope this is okay:

  • 1 month free trial included
  • $0 in additional fees
  • $0 in hidden fees
  • $0 in overage fees
  • No long-term contracts, just month-to-month

If at any moment you are not satisfied with your experience, you can cancel your active account and stop further payments.