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EquiPress is your one stop solution for news dissemination and investor outreach.
Struggling with these?
  • Budget constraints
  • Releasing timely corporate news
  • Managing the IR section of your website
  • Online investor marketing
EquiPress Solutions:
  • Fixed monthly cost (only $495)
  • Real-time corporate communications anytime - no word limit (no nonsense)
  • No more erroneous web development fees
  • We find investors for you (no extra charge)

Our Platform

EquiPress was designed with one objective in mind - making shareholder outreach for companies simpler and less expensive.


EquiPress is a communications platform designed for public and private companies to conduct investor relations and networking with stakeholders (employees, investors, debt-holders, media, vendors) in an effort to increase accountability, disclosure, and exposure.


Companies can effortlessly distribute news on their customized verified corporate profile page, in real-time, anytime.


Equi – a combining form meaning “equal,” used in the formation of compound words

Press – distribution of news

EquiPress – a communications platform providing equal distribution of news to a targeted audience for a fixed monthly cost.


EquiPress is not a news aggregator. All the news featured on the website are submitted directly by verified companies on their personalized EquiPress profile.

News distribution

EquiPress provides companies with a unique inbound news distribution approach that multiples investor exposure.


Current Problem:


While press release services provide companies with far-reaching industry wide distribution of their corporate news to reputable networks such as Yahoo Finance, CNBC, Bloomberg, CNN Money, etc., this method fails to attract new investors.


In order for anyone to see the company's news, investors need to already be looking for/at that company's stock quotes page on that particular news site. While this certainly helps the company in informing existing shareholders about new developments, this method fails to attract new attention from potential investors, the media, and other stakeholders.




The EquiPress news distribution model allows companies to not only inform current shareholders of their news, but also attract new investors by targeting:


  • Company Followers
  • Investor Interests and Behaviors
  • Sector or Industry Based Investors
  • All Investors Browsing EquiPress


EquiPress support staff ensure that all news submitted on your EquiPress profile receives coverage by marketing your company's continuous news developments throughout the internet on industry wide portals - to investors who aren't familiar or looking at your company already. [No Additional Cost]


EquiPress Analytics tracks the number of investors who are following, sharing, commenting and visiting your corporate profile.


This feature allows companies to go beyond the daily volume fluctuations of their publicly traded shares and establish the true cost of acquiring new and maintaining existing shareholders through the corporate profile on the EquiPress platform.


Additionally, discover investor's opinions and understandings of the news your company disseminates in order to most accurately gauge public perception and corporate communications.


Receive real-time notifications when investors interact with your company by asking questions, commenting, sharing or rating your company's news.


The core principal of EquiPress is to increase corporate accountability through accurate and timely disclosure.


All news submitted by companies is automatically attached to an industry approved disclosure statement.


The recent SEC deregulation in the field of social media provides companies with a less costly and more effective solution to actively engage with investors through corporate communications and marketing.


In order for companies to stay compliant with federal regulations, it is necessary to inform current shareholders through an EDGAR filing or press release that "from hence forth all [company name] corporate communications will be on EquiPress.com through the company's public profile on www.equipress.com/[profilename]"


By communicating with all existing and target shareholders utilizing one method (EquiPress), your company will be actively communicating with all interested shareholders and would not risk selective disclosure of information through email, phone and other methods prevalently used by IR departments today.


EquiPress is accessible to all investors, even those who do not have an EquiPress profile - compliant with SEC regulations.


*Please have a corporate attorney review whether these steps are sufficient to ensure your company's compliance with all federal regulations.


The internet has witnessed constant upgrades in the last decades, however corporate communications has largely fallen to the wayside, utilizing methods prevalent in the 1990s - email, hotlines, outdated websites, outsized marketing budgets, and one-time press release costs that average $500-600.


With such surmounting challenges experienced by small and even large publicly traded companies our objective was to create one effective solution at a reasonable cost.


To make life easier, we offer one package that encompasses all benefits of EquiPress.


For $495 per month you will have access to:


  • Verified Corporate Public Profile
  • Corporate Analytics
  • Real-Time EquiPress News Distribution Platform
  • Automatic Disclaimers
  • Industry-wide Marketing of Your Corporate News [Included] [Limited-Time Offer]


We hope this is okay: $0 in additional fees; $0 in hidden fees; $0 in overage fees; no long-term contracts


If at any moment you are not satisfied with your experience, you can cancel your active account and stop further payments.